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Free Meditations from Deeper Mindfulness (Latest book)

Free meditations from Mindfulness

Free meditations from The Art of Breathing

Free meditations from Mindfulness for Creativity

Free Meditations from Mindfulness for Health

Extra Materials and Information for Mindfulness for Health 

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  1. Kerry Zachar #

    I have been living with depression and anxiety for almost 15 years and have found the mindfulness exercises I’ve done in my counselling sessions to be extremely helpful. I’d like to have some suggestions for resources to use outside of counselling to continue developing my skills. I have also found CBT to be helpful, although my exposure to this is very limited. I can imagine that the 2 in combination would make a fantastic tool for me to use in all aspects of my life. Despite my struggles, I’ve managed to achieve a challenging career specialty in the allied health professions and value greatly the strategies and tools I am able to draw on to help me manage my symptoms and allow me to get out and enjoy my life.

    I just found your website today via Itunes and have just ordered this book and downloaded your course on Depression. Thanks for all of your work and research into depression – having tools to use to battle this disease has been a very powerful thing for me. I’m looking forward to having more!


    March 21, 2012

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