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Key Books

Segal, Z.V., Williams, J.M.G., & Teasdale, J.D. (2013). Mindfulness-based cognitive therapy for depression: A new approach to preventing relapse. 2nd eds NY: The Guildford Press.

Mindfulness: A Practical Guide to Finding Peace in a Frantic World. Mark Williams & Danny Penman 2011.

Mindfulness for Health: A Practical Guide to Relieving Pain, Reducing Stress and Restoring Wellbeing. Vidyamala Burch & Danny Penman 2013.

The Art of Breathing. Danny Penman 2016.


Key mental health papers:

Effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of mindfulness-based cognitive therapy compared with maintenance antidepressant treatment in the prevention of depressive relapse or recurrence (PREVENT): a randomised controlled trial. Willem Kuyken et al (2015/16). Lancet 2015; 386: 63–73

Efficacy of Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy in Prevention of Depressive Relapse:
An Individual Patient Data Meta-analysis From Randomized Trials. Kuyken et al 2016. JAMA Psychiatry. 2016;73(6):565-574

A systematic review of mechanisms of change in mindfulness-based cognitive therapy in the treatment of recurrent major
depressive disorder. Anne Maj van der Velden et al. Clinical Psychology Review 37 (2015) 26–39

Does mindfulness training improve cognitive abilities? A systematic review of neuropsychological findings. Cheese et al. Clinical Psychology Review 31 (2011) 449–464

The Effect of Mindfulness-Based Therapy on Anxiety and Depression: A Meta-Analytic Review. Hoffman et al. Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology 2010, Vol. 78, No. 2, 169–183

The effectiveness of self-help mindfulness-based cognitive therapy in a student sample: A randomised controlled trial. Taylor et al. Behaviour Research and Therapy 63 (2014) 63-69.

Mindfulness in maternity: Evaluation of a course for midwives. Warriner et al. British Journal of Midwifery March 2016 Vol 24, No 3


Key papers on pain

Brain Mechanisms Supporting the Modulation of Pain by Mindfulness Meditation. Zeidan et. al. The Journal of Neuroscience, April 6, 2011. 31(14):5540 –5548

Mindfulness Meditation-Based Pain Relief Employs Different Neural Mechanisms Than Placebo and Sham Mindfulness Meditation-Induced Analgesia. Fadel Zeidan et al. The Journal of Neuroscience, November 18, 2015. 35(46):15307–15325.


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