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Deeper Mindfulness Meditations

All of the meditations on this page are to accompany our book Deeper Mindfulness: The New Way to Rediscover Calm in a Chaotic World. The sound files can take 10-20 seconds before they begin to play.

Week One

1.1 The 10-Minute Finding your Ground Meditation

1.2 The 20-Minute Finding your Ground Meditation

1.3 The 30-Minute Finding your Ground Meditation

1.4 Minimal instructions – Finding your Ground Meditation

1.5 Sound of Bells only

1.6 Everyday Mindfulness Practice On Waking – 3 minutes

Week Two

2.1 The 10-Minute Taking a Pause Meditation

2.2 The 20-Minute Taking a Pause Meditation

2.3 The 30-Minute Taking a Pause Meditation

2.4 Minimal Instructions – Taking a Pause Meditation

2.5 Sound of Bells only

Week Three

3.1 The 10-Minute Feeling Tone Meditation

3.2 The 20-Minute Feeling Tone Meditation

3.3 The 30-Minute Feeling Tone Meditation

3.4 Minimal instructions – Feeling Tone Meditation

3.5 Everyday Mindfulness Practice – Feeling Tone

3.6 Sound of Bells only

Week Four

4.1 The 10-Minute Mindful Walking Meditation

4.2 The 20-Minute Mindful Walking Meditation

4.3 The 30-Minute Mindful Walking Meditation

4.4 Minimal instructions Mindful Walking

4.5 Mindful Stretches

4.6 Ten Finger Gratitude

4.7 Minimal Instructions Ten Finger Gratitude

4.8 Everyday Mindfulness Practice – Appreciation

4.9 Resting when you can’t sleep – 8 minutes

4.9.1 Sound of Bells only

Week Five

5.1 The 10-Minute Feeling Tone Moment by Moment Meditation

5.2 The 20-Minute Feeling Tone Moment by Moment Meditation

5.3 The 30-Minute Feeling Tone Moment by Moment Meditation

5.4 Minimal instructions Feeling Tone Moment by Moment Meditation

5.5 Everyday Mindfulness Practice: Noticing the feeling tone in everyday life – 3 mins

5.6 Sound of Bells Only

Week 6

6.1 The 15-Minute Kindness Meditation

6.2 Minimal Instructions Kindness Meditation

6.3 The 10-Minute Exploring Difficulty Meditation

6.4 The 20-Minute Exploring Difficulty Meditation

6.5 Minimal Instructions Exploring Difficulty Meditation

6.6 Everyday Mindfulness Practice – Turning Towards Difficulty

6.7 Sound of Bells Only

Week 7

7.1 Reflection Meditation

7.2 Minimal instructions Reflection Meditation

7.3 Mindful Speaking and Listening – 2.5 Mins