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Mindfulness climbing the sales charts….

Funny how ideas spread… Our book on Mindfulness has been merrily climbing the Amazon sales charts over the past couple of months. There’s been no publicity at all and yet, so far at least, it’s been climbing day by day. And it hasn’t even been published yet.

Today it entered Amazon’s ‘Top 100 Practical and Motivational Books’ chart. Again, there’s been no publicity at all.

Someone once said that ‘nothing can beat an idea whose time has come’. Only time will tell whether this is true for Mindfulness meditation. So far all we can say is that it’s been proven to help treat anxiety, stress, depression and exhaustion. Given the ever growing prevalence of these problems in our society, it’s probably no surprise that people are searching for books on Mindfulness. Such books must be chiming with the restlessness in all our souls.

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