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Vaude Power Lizard Ultralight tent  

There are plenty of ultralight tents out there which claim to weigh 600 grammes, 500g and one that even tips the scales at 300g. But they all have one major drawback – the manufacturer fails to tell you that the tent doesn’t actually include an inner tent, poles, or even the pegs… so they’re not actually tents but more akin to sheets of plastic. The Power Lizard is different. It’s a fully functioning tent that weighs 1040 grammes.

I put it to the test whilst walking the first 150 miles of England’s glorious south west coast path. And the Power Lizard came out smelling of roses. First off it’s a proper tent with poles and pegs. It also has a roomy-ish porch. It’s very plush for one person but you could probably just about squeeze in two people. The inner is 115cm wide and 95cm high, which is bigger than some lightweights. But there is also a full-length porch, which easily swallows a rucksack or two. In practice this means it’s sturdy and is big enough to just about to sit inside without your head touching the ‘roof’.

It’s a breeze to erect and takes about ten minutes (the instructions are handily stitched into the tent bag). It takes even less time to back away. And once packed away it’s tiny – no bigger than two water bottles stacked end to end. It fitted neatly into the side pocket of my rucksack.

The materials seem strong and robust (but only time will tell). The only downside is that on humid nights there was quite a bit of condensation in the morning. This only became a problem when it rained. Having said all that, it’s a brilliant tent that should gives years of service and will certainly give breathable bivibags a run for their money.

The Power Lizard costs around £300 ($450)

Ultralight backpacking along the south west Coast Path

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