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Breathing Space Meditation


Adopt your usual meditation posture (or stand if you prefer). Gently close your eyes.


Step One: arriving

Begin by noticing whatever is going on around you. Become aware of the space around you. Feel the ground beneath your feet.

What’s going on in your mind and body right now? Briefly scan through your body and tune in to the most noticeable sensations. Don’t try to change anything, Simply feel the sensations.

Begin paying attention to the emotions flowing through your mind and body. Don’t try to change anything, pay attention to their intensity and notice how they rise and fall.

What thoughts are around? Don’t try to change anything. Simply observe them. Remember that thoughts are not facts.


Step Two: focusing 

Shift your awareness to your breath. Follow it all the way in and all the way out for thirty seconds or so. Each time your mind wanders, gently escort your awareness back to your breath .


Step Three: expanding

Begin to broaden your awareness to include your whole body. Feel your whole body breathing for thirty seconds or so. If there are any areas of tension or discomfort, imagine breathing into them with a sense of warmth and kindness.


Then begin to progressively broaden your awareness to encompass the space around you. Gently open your eyes.


The Art of Breathing: The Secret to living mindfully. Just don’t breathe a word of it… by @DrDannyPenman (fb & twitter).

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