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Hope Vision 1 LED bike lights

In a word: superb. 

The Hope Vision 1 LED is a truly amazing light that comes in a tiny (funky) little package. It runs off 4 rechargeable AA batteries – so you’ll never be caught short. But best of all is the £80 price tag, which is cheap for such an amazingly high-powered off-road light.

The beam is easily good enough for riding at speed – you can see for at least 100 yards and side visibility is pretty good too. The light offers five power modes (including flashing), so its easily versatile enough for all but the most obsessed off-road junkies. If you’re into serious off-roading, you might as well but two of these lights rather than spending hundreds of pounds more on a ridiculously high-tech setup.

Battery life is amazing too. In the highest power mode, 4 AA last around 2.5 hours. In the second highest, you can expect 4 hours. In reality, there’s so little difference in the light output between the two highest power modes that you might as well enjoy the extra battery life. If you’re content to bumble around town using it as a standard flashing LED you can expect it to last pretty much forever.

Made from a solid block of CNC-machined aluminium, it looks cool and is as tough as old boots.

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